So Much New and Not Much Has Changed

We talk to folks all the time about taking advantage of new technology and developing electronic media to better their business or association. They often suffer most over decisions relating to the technology choices and which will get them the best return. The suffering comes from sincere caring about what they perceive as most important. It struck me again tonight that with so much new mobile technology, new digital media and the addition of Social Networks, almost nothing has changed. The content we deliver matters most. Our greatest challenges are not from deciding what technology to use, but focusing and honing our messages, communicating with the audience and then measuring and adjusting to their responses. All of this is a ton of work no matter what technology you embrace. When we get to dig in with our clients, this is where we go and flourish.

Established in 1995, Stonehouse Media Incorporated® is an award-winning electronic media company that produces videos, interactive programs, web sites and online networks delivered and measured with the latest technology while being integrated with social media. All types of digital distribution are implemented, including television, the internet, and mobile applications.