What a day! New Life out in e-land

I see new energy building out there in the development of our electronic media! Energy and commitment that extends beyond the mere pump of a new technology or buzz.

In the meetings that we are attending, people are trying to “do the right thing” more every day. We are responding to increased demand for new content that promotes, educates and trains than ever before. The best part is that our existing and new contacts are interested in doing the most credible and thoughtful content ever. This is a big deal.

Our work is in marketing, training, Internet delivered Video & Interactive. We are even seeing people investing in the real value of measurement that we have been pitching for years with little interest from the masses. Discussions about search engines and social networks have also become part of every meeting we attend.

People seem to be starting to understand the value of targeting their audience with these new tools. The best part of my day is when we meet people with real expertise and they allow us to help them bring it to life online with total confidence in their performance and our work…..

Established in 1995, Stonehouse Media Incorporated® is an award-winning electronic media company that produces videos, interactive programs, web sites and online networks delivered and measured with the latest technology while being integrated with social media. All types of digital distribution are implemented, including television, the internet, and mobile applications.