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Agencies who respond to roadway incidents, including fire, law enforcement, EMS, DOT, safety service patrols, and towing, are all responsible for ensuring that temporary traffic control is put in place upon arrival of the first units. Yet, many agencies do not specifically teach traffic control to their personnel. As a result, many responders do not know how to set up a proper traffic incident management area, thus putting them at risk for being struck and killed by passing vehicles.

As a result of a long partnership with and a deep understanding of the challenges facing responders who work on the roadway, Stonehoouse Media conceived a new key initiative to equip training officers and instructors with “TIM Teaching Topic Packages,” consisting of lesson plans, resources, model SOPs, and short training videos called “TIM In a Minute.” Each package focuses on one key component of traffic incident management and provides the instructor with the materials s/he needs to teach that topic to the department’s personnel.

Each brief “TIM in a Minute” video, shown at the beginning of a unit, crystallizes key traffic incident management actions into a simple “how to,” such as how to set a cone taper or how to position a blocking vehicle. The use of these videos ensures that recommended practices are being consistently taught to all departments and agencies. Stonehouse scripted and produced all the videos, and also wrote the lesson plans with resources and model SOPs that frame the recommended training sessions.


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