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Known by many names — “Move It,” “Steer It Clear It,” “Fender Bender Law” — the statute on the books in many states that requires drivers to remove drivable cars from the roadway after a minor accident had both a visibility and an image problem. Many drivers did not know about the law or the benefits of obeying the law. Even more labored under the misconception that they HAD to leave the vehicle in place either for the police or for their insurance claim. Neither of those are true. In fact, drivers who stay in lanes of travel when they could remove the vehicle to the shoulder or off the road are much more likely to be hit by another vehicle as they wait for assistance.

To protect the public and first responders, felt that the industry could be doing a better job of educating the public about Move It laws. They turned to Stonehouse Media to produce a short PSA to get across the major points about the law: when it is required, why it is a good idea, that it isn’t necessary to leave your car where it was, and what safety practices to follow. To make the PSA memorable, Stonehouse Media used humor and a modern situation everyone has encountered to craft a creative PSA approach. Stonehouse Media scripted and produced the spot, then distributed it online via industry web sites, social media, and YouTube.

The spot was well-received and is now part of a sustained marketing effort that has placed it in highway visitor centers and service plazas, as well is in the hands of local emergency response agency Public Information Officers who are using it in their community outreach throughout the United States.

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