Testing Administration

Create, administer, and view the results of testing in the aggregate through the administrative system.

  • Testing platform available for individual in-person classes and for professional certifications
  • Full administrative control over testing elements, including questions and answer choices, feedback on incorrect answers, passing percentage, time between retakes, number of allowed retakes, and refresh interval (amount of time that must pass before a refresh can be undertaken by a user)
  • Feedback on incorrect answers includes an explanation and ability to reference a specific program and lesson to review or a specific document or other resource outside of the network to review
  • Ability to set an expiration date for answer feedback details
  • Question- and answer choice-level reporting of aggregate user statistics for all questions and their answer choices (helpful in identifying problematic questions and areas in need of further instruction)
  • Ability to approve only certain users to take a professional certification test
  • Test question bank engine with ability to enter questions, answer choices, specify correct answers and revise the test with versioning
  • Testing conducted online on a secure server, accessed by PIN
  • Administrative system to generate, assign, and track PIN usage
  • Custom certificate design
  • Tracking and reporting of results for further action

Online Learning Networks

Success requires a lot more than technology. We have our own online learning network (some might call it a Learning Management System or LMS) designed to satisfy the demands of the audience first and then report all activity to administrators.

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