Technical Information

Robust dedicated servers maintained by a leading national hosting provider with quick, consistent server software updates and tight security protocols.

  • Custom-built and customizable
  • Option to build custom features on demand
  • Reliable, commercially-tested infrastructure: Windows, SQL Server, .NET Framework, .NET Standard, S3 / CloudFront media delivery, multiple servers per application, national hosting provider, and load-balanced with sticky sessions and SSL termination
  • Video.js player
  • Video handling uses multiple MP4s converted to HLS or http livestreaming and delivered in segments via Amazon CloudFront for maximum speed
  • Daily differential backups with weekly app and datastore full back ups, with archiving in Glacier and locally
  • Full logging that allows database restoration to transaction-level granularity
  • Loading via CSS and including bundling, resulting in optimized load speed

Online Learning Networks

Success requires a lot more than technology. We have our own online learning network (some might call it a Learning Management System or LMS) designed to satisfy the demands of the audience first and then report all activity to administrators.

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