Online Testing for In-Person Training Classes and Professional Certifications

Online testing network includes a PIN-protected testing system that allows students who attend in-person classes to take a timed test online to earn a certificate of completion for the class. Testing can also be used for credential applicants to take a certification exam online.

  • PIN entry for test access
  • Immediate awarding of Certificate of Completion for the in-person class when the test is passed
  • Inclusion on the transcript
  • Administrative entry and control over in-person class details for which online testing is offered, including specifying instructors, adding the test question bank (questions and answer choices)
  • Reporting of results to administrative system for verification and further action

Online Learning Networks

Success requires a lot more than technology. We have our own online learning network (some might call it a Learning Management System or LMS) designed to satisfy the demands of the audience first and then report all activity to administrators.

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