Instructor Features

Custom features that enable instructors to use the network to deliver moderated instruction of self-paced programs and administer online testing for their in-person classes.

  • Instructor Mode allows program content to be delivered to large groups in a moderated classroom environment
  • Instructor Microsites offer user sign-in protected pages where administrators can distribute content to registered and approved instructors
  • Programs tied to job performance requirements in industry professional standards
  • Approved instructors can access secondary reporting results for opt-in users to verify program completion
  • Ability to generate PINs for online testing allowing students to earn downloadable certificates of completion for in-person classes
  • Ability to enter test questions and answer choices for in-person PIN-tested class completion tests

Online Learning Networks

Success requires a lot more than technology. We have our own online learning network (some might call it a Learning Management System or LMS) designed to satisfy the demands of the audience first and then report all activity to administrators.

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