Social Media Marketing

A lot gets said about social media, much of it laden with value judgments. Social media is bad! Social media is great! Social media has ruined everything! Social media has revolutionized our lives! We treat social media as a tool and, like any tool, how effective it is all depends on how you use it.

First, we help you find your audience on social media. Where are your current clients/customers/users? What social media do they use most? How do they use it? What are they looking for? What grabs their attention? Then we create a plan to tap into that existing usage and expand it. That plan includes post content — written and visual — coupled with strategic boosting, ad buys, and influencer relationships to get attention, promote, and spur the interaction that gets your content noticed and shared throughout the audience community. Then, we report metrics on how each push or campaign did with the audience, which allows us to refine for future posts and their promotion. It’s an ongoing process that evolves as your business goals, your audience, and the social media platforms change. With our social media marketing, we help you keep up with and take advantage of all those developments.

Our Capabilities

Distance Learning, Webinars & Podcasts,
Content Development, Social Media Marketing,
Responsive Web Design, Post Production,
Search Engine Optimization, Email Campaigns,
Special Effects & Animation and much more.

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