Content Managed Web Sites (CMS)

You hear it all over the place! A CMS or Content Management System is the only way to go! That is partly true. If you are going to have an updated and current website, we usually recommend a content managed website. What makes us different? We are designers that made a CMS with a rock solid .net platform. We don’t just let you make and post pages, we help you to design and build a website that still looks good no matter who does the updates.

Most CMS solutions don’t focus on maintaining good design or your company’s image, they just charge you monthly and hope you stay a long time. Stonehouse Media is into building your image and helping you develop winning strategies. With our CMS solution, you will have good SEO, dynamic pages, easy updating a great look and solid technical support. Our CMS also integrates well with our other network platforms for future expansion and it is also synced and dynamically updated with our mobile site platform if you choose our mobile site options.

Our Capabilities

Distance Learning, Webinars & Podcasts,
Content Development, Social Media Marketing,
Responsive Web Design, Post Production,
Search Engine Optimization, Email Campaigns,
Special Effects & Animation and much more.

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