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Stonehouse Media Incorporated® is continuously looking for new talent and developing new relationships with those who work in video and interactive media. We are looking for true professionals. Our people are not only creative, we are on time and we work as a team. While we look for independent thinking and self motivation, we value a balance in our team members.

We want to be challenged by people with strong work to show, who are willing to take some ownership of a project, search for answers and reach out to the team when a solution is not in front of them.

If you have this kind of work ethic and you have learned about our company and would like to be considered for part of our team, please forward a resume and we will follow up within 2 weeks to either arrange an interview or share feedback with you.

Currently, we have job openings for:

Writer/Social Media Specialist
Are you a good writer who knows Social Media? Do you have a passion for writing and promotion? We are looking for a person to assist our company and some of our clients with writing for Social Media and posting relevant news/information for our online networks. The position would be limited to a part-time, freelance position. We would want the person to meet with the staff once a week at our Lambertville, NJ location and write and post all kinds of Social Media and Web content on an hourly basis. We need you to know about the different Social Media outlets and how to use them. If you know about SEO and Hashtags and you are interested, please send us your resume and links to specific samples of your work.

Resume and cover letter required.

Please send your resume and cover letter to

Stonehouse Media Incorporated® is looking to continue to build our pool of talented editors. Whether you are looking for freelance, contract, part or full-time, we want to see your work in hopes of finding more great talent! We work primarily on Final Cut Pro with several other typical tools for graphics, animation, compositing, compression and authoring. The more you know how to harness these tools with creative passion, communication and performance, the harder we will work to make you part of our business. Send us your contact information.

True Interactive Artists
Candidates should show exceptional design skills and a solid understanding of effective user interface design. Consideration will be given to candidates who show expertise in Adobe Creative Suite, ActionScript, HTML, CSS and Flash animation. Candidates must have the ability to generate new creative ideas both independently and cooperatively. Candidates will work closely with an Art Director to maintain existing web strategies and to develop new ones. Candidates will likewise collaborate with, copywriters, sales assistances, video producers and photographers. Send us your contact information.

Programming and Development
Programming and development require creativity and communication too! We don’t just create code that gets the job done in the engine room. We work to get all team members focused on creating an experience for the audience or users of a specific application. We are always working to hone our online learning network, craft custom applications of our online TV network and simplify and add functionality to our Content Managed Web sites and applications. We are developing applications that can be massive or mobile. We are always exploring new talent and looking for people with the following skills.

How many of these skills do you have?
  • Web, console, and Windows programming using the following languages: C# (Predominantly), VB.Net, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript

  • Application and database architecture and design

  • Technologies used: WCF, REST, AJAX, Windows Server 2003, Small Business Server 2003, SQL Server 2005, 2000, MySQL

  • Development environments: Visual Studio 2010, 2008, 2003, 2002

  • Programming components worked with .net Charting, ABC PDF, Cutesoft Editor / Picture Gallery / AJAX Uploader

  • HTML and HTML 5.0 Markup

  • Development of Mobile Apps
We are looking for people that might be contracted, potentially full-time or partners. Send us your contact information.
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Established in 1995, Stonehouse Media Incorporated® is an award-winning electronic media company that produces videos, interactive programs, web sites and online networks delivered and measured with the latest technology while being integrated with social media. All types of digital distribution are implemented, including television, the internet, and mobile applications.

At our company, we craft and design credible videos, websites and interactive productions while taking advantage of our proprietary platforms for content managed web sites and online videos.

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